About Polytec

" The human of living in origin where human lives in nature"

This is a dream, hope and our will in new age. With always thinking of human, To protect the environment from pollution, to strive for the development of company, more good quality products are probloms that should be solved by company to take responsibility in the social progress of Korea

  • The company thinking of environment
  • Inverstment in R&D continuously
  • A transparency of management
  • Positive inverstment in equipment

There is polytec Co,.Ltd in 21 century as there is the new leader in new age.

We promise you to do our best to be always with customer in order to supply high-advanced products, high quality, technology to be sufficiently competitive company in domestic as well as in world market with accumulating of skill, distinguished manpower, the latest equipment for the sake of the specialized production to manufacture outstanding, silent, automobile.