Upgrade Your Vehicle's Braking System with High Quality Brake Master Cylinder Parts

The brake master cylinder parts are crucial components in a vehicle's braking system. It plays an important role in converting the force applied to the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure is then utilized to activate the brakes on each individual wheel. The brake master cylinder functions as a kind of pump that compresses brake fluid before sending it to the callipers through the brake lines.

Quality Brake Master Cylinder Parts

Polytec is a premium brake master cylinder parts manufacturer and has always promised to deliverthe highest quality brake master cylinder parts. With distinguished manpower and the most up-to-date equipments, we provide the highest quality brake master cylinder parts and promise to supply our products on time.

A well-functioning brake master cylinder ensures that you can stop or slow down your vehicle efficiently and maintain control during emergency braking situations. So selecting high-quality brake master cylinder parts is crucial for maintaining the safety and performance of your vehicle's braking system. As a brake master cylinder parts manufacturer, Polytec provides a comprehensive range of brake master cylinder parts, such as piston, bore, reservoir and seals.


The piston is the heart of a brake master cylinder; it moves back and forth inside the master cylinder. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the piston moves forward, exerting pressure on the brake fluid. This pressure forces the brake fluid out of the master cylinder and into the brake lines.


The bore refers to the hole in the brake master cylinder where the piston fits. It is designed to a specific size to ensure a tight fit and prevent leakage.


The reservoir, located on top of the brake master cylinder, is a tank that holds the brake fluid. It is equipped with a sight glass, which allows the driver to easily check the level of the brake fluid.

Brake Pedal

The master cylinder assembly’s crucial component, from which you activate the master cylinder, is the brake pedal.

Spring Return

It is a specific kind of spring that is installed inside the cylinder and aids in keeping the piston and brake pedal in their original positions after the brake pedal has been released. Drum brake and disc brake assemblies both use it.


The seals, which are rings made of rubber or other materials, serve the important purpose of preventing brake fluid from leaking out of the master cylinder. Specifically, these seals are located around the piston and the bore.


The pushrod is a metal rod that connects the brake pedal to the piston. When the brake pedal is pressed, the pushrod moves down, which causes the piston to move down and compress the brake fluid.

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