Compression Molding Process

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  • 1

    Receiving Inspection of raw & subsidiary materials Receiving inspection of raw & subsidiary materials is a manufacturing process for conducting an inspection of quality on receiving raw materials and subsidiary materials, such as rubber and steel.

  • 2

    Automatic rubber cutting Automatic rubber cutting is a manufacturing pocess for compression molding.

  • 3

    Compression Molding Compression Molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by using a mold.

  • 4

    Final Inspection Final inspection is a precess for checking products for defects meticulously, such as appearance, dimension and so on.

  • 5

    Packaging Packaging is a packaging and labeling process for packing specified quality of products in the standard containers.

  • 6

    Shipment Inspection Shipment inspection is a double-checking process before the shipment for making sure that the standard container is used and the appearance of the package is impeccable.