Injection Molding Process

Polytec ceaselessly dedicates itself to manufacturing
the best and most reliable products through its working process with many years’ worth of KNOW-HOW & cutting edge rubber molding machinery.
  • 1

    Receiving Inspection of Raw & Subsidiary Materials Receiving inspection of raw & subsidiary materials is a manufacturing process for conducting an inspection of quality on receiving raw materials and subsidiary materials, such as rubber and steel.

  • 2

    Alkaline Cleaning Alkaline cleaning is a process for surface preparation by cleaning the steel surface.

  • 3

    Shot Blast Shot blast is a manufacturing process for expanding the total steel surface and cleaning the steel surface by removing foreign material on it to increase adhesive strength.

  • 4

    Application of Adhesive Application of adhesive is a manufacturing process to spread adhesive on the steel surface to adhere rubber to metal components. It requires excellent technical Know-How.

  • 5

    Injection Molding Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting material into a mold. It is Polytec’s main process.

  • 6

    Swaging / Assembly Swaging is a manufacturing process for compressing outer pipe to improve quality of bush, such as improving durability and dimensional accuracy.

  • 7

    Final Inspection Final inspection is a process for checking products for defects meticulously, such as appearance, dimension and so on.

  • 8

    Painting Painting is a process for improving marketability of the products and preventing them from going rusty by painting the products black.

  • 9

    Shipment Inspection Shipment Inspection is a doublechecking process before the shipment for making sure that the standard container is used and the appearance of the package is impeccable.